Un-disputable Facts About Argan Oil

Definition and manufacturing

Argan oil is made in Morocco from a tree which has almost similar nutritional qualities to that of the famous olive tree. The tree- Argan tree- is found in Morocco hence the origin of argan oil manufacturing. This tree is said to live for very long, over a hundred years, and its extracts are definitely thought to have very long-lasting effects on the body.


Nowadays, beauty is all about argan oil. This oil is used for many purposes beautification (maintenance of good skin, nails, and hair as well as a treatment for skin disease, hair damages and weak nails) being one of them.

Argan oil on eczema

Eczema- also dermatitis- is a skin condition that characterized by acne- swelling pimples/ whiteheads/ black heads that leave marks, cracking, dryness, rashes, redness of skin with silver spots- commonly known as psoriasis, the ever annoying itching, etc. These skin diseases may affect anybody regardless of their age. Argan oil works miracles on these skin diseases whether they are hereditary or just an infection.

Healthy skin

Human skin requires Omega 3 and vitamin E which argan oil has sufficient of. Argan oil helps the skin cells to function properly as well as regenerate. This miracle working oil- as it is referred to as by many- also helps in cleaning and keeping the skin clean. As a moisturizer, argan oil keeps the skin from getting dry and cracking under the harsh weather conditions.


Like the olive oil, argan oil helps in keeping strong nails and strengthening the weak ones that keep peeling off. By strengthening the cuticles around the nails- to cure and minimize infections that affect the nails below the skin- argan oil ensures the upcoming nails come out strong and healthy. Though nails are non-living, the skin around them is and so does the ‘dead cells’ that form the nail eventually. The beauty of strong well-manicured nails can only be emphasized, thanks to argan oil.


The worst nightmare anybody can have is experiencing the effects of bad weather- especially rain or cold- on their hair. Most people’s hair, especially those whose natural hair is not silky, tend to curl-up and shrink into a shaggy afro bush that is hard and painful to manage not to mention spoiling your image for the day. Argan oil is heaven sent for these people in that it prevents the hair from frizzing. Again, argan oil is a soother of dry scalp and for those with kinky, thinning out and breaking hair; the solution is in argan oil. It keeps the hair smooth and treats the diseases that are the initial cause of bad hair. In its effect then, the hair can grow healthy.

Where to find Argan oil

Argan oil is available around the globe. For more intricate details about the uses of argan oil and where to find this liquid gold, visit our website. The argan tree- from which argan oil is extracted- and only found in Morocco, has already been declared endangered and is under the protection of UNESCO. Hurry and get your supply of argan oil while stock lasts – http://www.purearganoil.co.uk